Wednesday, September 12, 2018, 6:30  - 7:30 pm 

HOA Community Meeting

No upcoming events.

Current Projects

Area Beautification

Beautification of the La Cascata community common areas was the HOA focus after the Labor Day holiday weekend.  There were many concerns expressed by residents and owners that the trash areas were not being properly maintained.  As a result, board members and newly hired grounds staff cleared the bulk area and made daily morning and evening rounds to ensure that common areas were clear.  The board hopes to meet with the township this month to request a more accessible dumpster so residents can load it themselves and not throw it on the grounds.  Daily morning and evening rounds will continue to ensure ongoing La Cascata appeal.

Phase I of the lake clean up has started.  A good cut along with the removal of weeds and wild trees was completed.   

Phase II is a continuation of the clean up including the clearing out of trash and debris along the lake line so water can flow freely and drain properly.

Phase III is the restoration of the fountains and light display in the La Cascata.

Efforts are in place to enforce local ordinances and HOA rules regarding disabled and abandoned vehicles.