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OUR DUCKS!! Please Be Kind to the Ducks!!

Please don't feed the ducks!!   Poor Nutrition.  Before you toss your day-old crusty bread to the ducks, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation would like you to know that what you see as “helping the ducks” is actually doing them more harm than good.  Ducks and geese are meant to eat a variety of natural grains, aquatic plants, and invertebrates, which are high in the types of vitamins and nutrients they require. However, bread and popcorn are full of empty calories (and mostly void of protein), which can cause malnutrition, drooping wings, and weight gain.  By: Emily Lockhart

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What is an HOA?

A homeowners association (HOA) is a corporation that serves as the governing body of a residential community, such as a townhome or single-family development. 

What are HOA fees and what are they used for? 

HOA fees are used to pay the costs of ongoing maintenance and repairs to a community’s common areas, equipment, systems and shared amenities.

Why does my HOA have rules?

Your association’s rules and regulations are created to protect your community’s property values, enhance its lifestyle and promote a friendly, agreeable and fair environment for residents.  While the rules may keep you from taking certain liberties pertaining to your home or community, they also prevent your neighbors from performing nuisance or disruptive actions or behavior as well.  As a homeowner, and member of your association, you are obligated to obey its rules, so be sure you fully understand them, ideally before you buy a home in the community.